The other day we're watching first episode of the "WWII in Color." You know...hysteria of the utter desire on the part of the "unjustly punished" to restore their"national honor," translated into Manchuria, Ethiopia, Rhineland, Sudetenland with the rest of the Czech part of Czechoslovakia, UN-ish impotence of the League of Nations, naive self-deceiving of France and the UK, isolationism for not-so-good-reasons of the US, etc...All sounds like yesterday's "The New York Times..."
Indeed, the only lesson of history is that we do not learn it. Or those, who learn, are forced to sit helplessly on the side of the road to perdition and observe how the mad planet repeats it never-ending cycle of madness.
The question is not whether we are going to repeat the mistakes of our grandfathers; the question is: how bad it will be this time?
"How many ages hence
Shall this our lofty scene be acted o'er,
In states unborn and accent yet unknown"
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The power of Evil is immense. Yet finally we stand up to the standards of Jesus and win.
Evil. as you know, is not just the other side of Good. Evil is a little bit lesser. This is why Good prevails in more cases than Evil.

And the Evil Empire Outback will fail.